Fifteen minutes of skirting is provided for each incoming order (per fleece or individual clip) to make sure that as much vegetable matter and soiled tags as possible can be removed before washing. We do not offer full skirting as a separate service. If your fleece needs a full skirting before we can process it, an additional $25.00 per hour will be charged (one hour minimum). 

Washing and/or Re-washing


We wash incoming fiber as necessary, and most of it will require washing. This service is included in the price of your order. We use a very mild detergent to fully remove dirt without stripping the fiber of its natural condition and shine, and we will put it through more than one wash if required to get the best results.


 Most Alpaca fiber, and other exotics, will benefit from going through the de-hairer, improving the end product by 2 or 3 microns. Likewise, double coated sheep, such as Icelandic and Navajo-Churro can be run through the de-hairer, then both the undercoat and the guard hair yarns can be utilized in weaving: one as warp and the other as weft. 

Unfelted Batts

 Batts coming directly off the carder are wonderful to use as filler in quilts, quilted clothing, saddle pads, and many other craft and practical projects. 

Felted Batts

 These have the same uses as the unfelted batts but they are much denser, and can be made in thicknesses of one to three unfelted batts. We use a needle-felter with a 48” width. 

Terms Continued


Roving & Pin-Drafting

Both can be delivered loose in box/bag, in random length bumps, or in pre-measured bumps. Pin-drafting additionally refines and straightens your fiber either for hand spinning or for processing into yarn here at The Fiber Mill. 


 We can blend by volume or by weight to your specification, and we can provide exactly the blending material you want (at cost plus) – or you can send your own blending material to us and we will charge only the small blending fee. 

Spinning & Plying

 Our commercial quality Carolina Specialty Co. spinning and plying frames help us turn your fibers into the beautiful yarns you love.